I have been a customer of Candace's for 16 years. She was good way back when and never has stopped learning new approaches. Each visit brings new discoveries and descriptions of new training she has had. But beyond the textbooks and training she has an innate talent for massage. Candace carefully listens to her clients' description of aches and pains but what I find amazing is that I really do not have to tell her...she senses the issues on her own. She listens to the body and solves the problem.

Candace has done a great job every time I see her. Not only does she manage to find all of the "spots" that hurt, but her latest tool, the Dolphin Neurostim is the best. With only using it once on an old scar, it gave me much better flexibility and made the appearance of my scar flatter and not as noticeable. I would highly recommend Candace.

I am so impressed with Candace's latest discovery of MPS Pain Therapy especially when combined with the other modalities she uses. My pain level was at a 6 out of 10 and after two treatments my pain has decreased to a 0. After one week it was still only at a 1 out of 10. My energy flow has returned, I have a sense of well being, and my mobility has returned. Everything feels better! Absolutely amazing!