Marco Island Products

Marco Island Products

A brand new technology and product on the market listed in July, 2013 with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for pain relief and the improvement in the look and feel of the skin. In June of 2014, they also received the OTC, over the counter designation, which means they are safe and you do not have to consult with a physician before using. They are made of plant based biodegradable material and are non-toxic. The top portion of the PowerStrip™ is gentle to the skin as it is water soluble - the skin can breathe and it is safe for regular use. Each topically applied PowerStrip™ has a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng, Germanium, and marine Phytoplankton Alpha 3 CMP.

Because the PowerStrip™ is designed to be worn daily you will notice with continued use that they are not just for pain. They work on a systemic level to increase vitality,energy, immunity, etc.The TOP portion of the PowerStrip™ has Germanium evenly distributed throughout the top...above the skin, it never touches the skin. It is this element that produces a far-infra-red effect.

When our own body heat rises up, it strikes each Germanium particle. Germanium returns heat BACK in far infra- red energy. Far infra-red is capable of penetrating deeply and has a dramatic effect on deep tissues. Greater blood volume- because the blood vessels are dilated which = an environment for Pain Relief! The mineral Germanium acts like an optical lens reflecting and magnifying the body's own far infra-red radiation back into the body... up to 10 centimeters, or 4 inches. The inflammation is decreased and nitric oxide levels increase which has a multitude of benefits. The "topical" delivery of essential nutrients by-pass the destructive gastrointestinal tract and provides the body with the raw material which is easily available and enables the body to detox and heal.

Several health care professionals say they consider the PowerStrip™ to be like a" Portable far Infra-red machine and an external energy battery pack for your body." Ancient herbs with modern technology at its best!

The Power of LOVE

The PowerStrip™ by FGXpress have the word LOVE (in 15 different languages) embedded on them.50 types of Quantum Energy have been put into the PowerStrip™ to energize and affect everyone individually at a cellular level. The strips are treated in a Quantum Energy treatment room for 48-72 hours! With the amazing technologies and ingredients put into these along with having the word "Love" written all over them, NO WONDER why these are working so well for so many people!!!

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